High Costs Care Events Cases:

The LAA have updated the procedures to allow for firms to get a £32,500 costs limitation increase in Single Counsel matters and a £60,000 costs limitation increase in 2 Counsel/QC matters, without the need for an interim case plan. In order to get these interim increases, the firm will need to successfully register the case as High Costs via CCMS and, following receipt of a notification from the LAA, upload a signed Contract and Barrister Acceptance Form. On submission of these, the firm can then apply for the costs limitation increase. This can be part-allocated to Counsel for interim POA's, with the remaining being used by the firm.

A full case plan, with supporting documentation is only required within 3 months of the end of the case. There is no obligation to file an interim case plan if costs go over the £32,500/£60,000 in these cases, however one will be required if you need a higher costs limitation agreed for interim payments. Counsel will need to be consulted in these cases where a restriction on the costs limitation affects their ability to claim interim payments.

This is good news for firms as this reduces administration time agreeing the case plan. At Kutter Walters we can prepare the interim case plan for you to check the level of your costs at the time of registration, so that you can make an informed decision whether to go down this route or get a higher interim limit agreed.

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