Legal Aid Uncodified Disbursements (Controlled Work) Under 2018 Contract:

You MUST have 3 separate quotations (para 4.27-4.28 Contract Specification) unless the LAA agree this is inappropriate. You must pick the one that is ‘’best value for money” taking into account the particular circumstances of the case (including, but not limited to the need for speed and the competence/expertise of the provider in question).

Kutter Walters advice is to get 3 quotes in writing and attach this to the invoice in the Legal Aid Folder. If you are unable to obtain quotes, attach a clear attendance note to say why and discuss this with the LAA by way of a case query (in writing) at the time. This should be done for licenced work too, as the LAA require evidence/quotes for non-prescribed disbursements and it would be best practice to obtain 3 quotes routinely for these.

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