Claimable CCMS work

We have noted on several matters that the LAA have reduced items on claims, particularly where costs have already been assessed by the Court, for time spent discharging CCMS funding certificates by completing the Outcome Codes online. The Reject reason state that "Completion of outcome task on CCMS is deemed to be administrative work and is therefore not claimable. This time has been assessed to nil”. However, having raised the issue with the LAA, the finance team have confirmed that the LAA will allow equivalent time to any work covered by the Costs Assessment Guidance. In this scenario the completion of outcomes equates to the time allowance for drafting the request for discharge (APP11), so 6 minutes should be allowed. Similarly providers should be aware of any other preparation items which are allowed under CAG, for example claiming 6 minutes for each POA1, or routine correspondence where substantive messages are being sent/received via CCMS notifications. Providers cannot however claim time for true administrative work, such as allocated costs to Counsel.

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