At Kutter Walters, we have extensive experience in all aspects of inter partes costs. We understand the increased pressure on firms to manage costs at the outset, bearing in mind costs budget requirements. We ensure that we undertake all work expeditiously and at a competitive price.
Our services include:

  • Costs budgets

  • Advocacy and negotiations in relation to CCMC’s

  • Bill drafting

  • Points of Dispute and Replies

  • Negotiations

  • Provisional Assessment

  • Advocacy and negotiations in relation to Detailed Assessments

  • Appeals of Provisional or Detailed Assessments

Contract Review

Where mediation is required for legal costs disputes we are able to offer the process of Early Neutral Evaluation. This process involves evaluating and providing an early assessment of the points of the case, or any technical issue in it. Early Neutral Evaluation is a non-binding form of ADR, however provides the parties with an unbiased expert opinion on the likely outcome of the case, were it to be heard in Court.  We are able to relate to clients at all levels and provide a pragmatic yet commercial approach to even the most complex of situations.

We will travel to suit the mediation requirements and have expertise in the following areas: Legal Costs Disputes; Public Law; Probate and Inheritance Disputes; Commercial Disputes; Clinical Negligence; Financial Disputes; Neighbour Disputes; Workplace Disputes; Property/Boundary Disputes; Landlord and Tenant.

Our charges for Mediation range from £1000-2500 a day. For more information, please contact 01273 569650 or email info@kutterwalters.co.uk.


Kutter Walters strongly believes in the ongoing provision of Legal Aid. We have a team of dedicated Legal Aid costs experts who are ready to advise you on how to maximise profitability from your cases. CCMS has changed the way in which legal aid costs are claimed and our team is at the forefront of changes to the evolving system. 


Our services include:

  • Civil legal aid bills and claim drafting

  •  Post-assessment documentation, including EX80's and claims  

  •  High costs:

    • Case plans and case plan management

    •  CCFS and other Events Model Case Plans

    •  Applications for exceptional costs

  • Appeals of LAA decisions

  • Advocacy at Detailed Assessments

  • Checklists and correspondence with the LAA

  • All CCMS billing, administration and uploads (different levels of service in place to meet your firm's needs)


We have structured fee plans to ensure continuity across your cases and billing processes, with fees based on recoverable legal aid costs to ensure that where these can be included in the claim you don't lose out on leaving the administrative work to the costs experts. 


In the Court of Protection, if your costs are under £3000 you are permitted to file a short form bill, otherwise a full bill of costs for assessment is required. Our team regularly prepares both forms of claim and can advise you on the most appropriate method.
We are able to assist at the outset of your case to ensure that you are claiming the correct rates and are conducting your matter in line with the Court of Protection Good Practice Rules, issued by the SCCO.

Our services include:

  • Bill drafting

  • Appeals of Provisional Assessments

  • Advocacy and negotiations in relation to Detailed Assessments


Kutter Walters is able to provide advice to your firm to ensure that you are providing the correct information to clients at the outset in accordance with Statutory and SRA Code of Conduct Rules. Ensuring that your firm is compliant with these rules minimises the risk of client cost disputes.
Should a client fail to make payment of your bill or requests a Solicitor/Client costs assessment, we are able to provide advice and services to assist.
Our services include:

  • Bill drafting

  • Advocacy and negotiations in relation to Detailed Assessments 

Men with Calculator

This scheme has been developed to simplify the process for firms, reducing administration and ensuring that work is delegated to costs experts where appropriate. We have found this to be particularly effective for high costs case management and for firms who require high levels of regular billing. 


The charge for this is worked out on the level of costing and work required, then regularly monitored to ensure a good working relationship develops. Recoverable costing charges continue to be included in your claims under the scheme we have developed.   


Administrative work can be undertaken in-house or at our Hove office remotely.


What this could include;

  • Costing

  • CCMS administration

  • Trouble-shooting

  • 1 x Annual In-house training session for fee earners

  • High Costs Case Management


 Retainers can be tailored to the requirements of your firm, so please get in touch to discuss this with us!

Female Lecturer

We regularly provide tailored in-house training seminars to solicitors to assist them with maximising profit costs. This can focus on costs law updates and/or in-house processes to ensure that profits are maximised. 


Should you wish to discuss this, don’t hesitate to contact Liz Walters or Karen Kutter


Kutter Walters adopts a flexible approach to legal costing services and is structured to be an extension of your firm. Our team is able to provide advice and assistance on all aspects of costs law in order to meet your firm’s needs.


High standard maintained

Kutter Walters promotes the high standards endorsed by the Association of Costs Lawyers and endeavours for all Costs Draftsmen to be regulated and to train as Costs Lawyers.


Tailored charging schemes

We are able to adapt our charging schemes to the needs of your firm. Please contact us to discuss this further.



We are aware that you may not wish to part with your files or wait for costing services for lengthy periods of time. Therefore, at Kutter Walters we strive to return your files within 2 weeks. Our Costs Lawyers and Law Costs Draftsmen are able to work in-house when necessary and we can accommodate urgent work.


Paperless Files
Kutter Walters regularly costs paperless files and these can be sent over with instructions to instructions@kutterwalters.co.uk


Dawson Cornwell Solicitors

We started using Kutter Walters about a year ago and have found the service to be efficient and thorough with good turn around times. The team are helpful, approachable and intelligent, they do an excellent job in providing legal support.

I have been using Kutter Walters Legal Costs Ltd since January 2013 to prepare all our firm’s High Cost bills. I have found Kutter Walters’ service to be professional, friendly and accurate with an impressive turnaround time. Karen, Liz and Rob are all very communicative and a pleasure to work with. Keep up the good work!

Bosley & Co Solicitors

We have used Kutter Walters and have found them to be a very efficient and professional service, always happy to help whenever queries arise. Most busy practitioners appreciate any help they can be given and Kutter Walters are a service that try to help wherever possible

CDS Mayfair

We worked with the Kutter Watters on an extremely tricky matter. They were extremely quick to respond to our queries, which at times were many, and were always professional and friendly in their approach. We will be sure to be using them again

Anthony Morris Solicitors

We have used Kutter Walters for some time now. The service is personal but professional. Response times are quick and they are always willing to go that extra mile with advice and knowledge

Rohan Solicitors LLP

We undertake a significant amount of litigious work both at County Court and High Court levels and consequently we often find ourselves in need of assistance from competent law costs draftsmen. We have used Karen and Liz at Kutter Walters Legal Costs Limited on a number of matters and have always found them to be exceptionally professional, proficient and perhaps most importantly where our clients are concerned, cost effective. Arguments regarding legal costs are generally extremely technical and best left to the experts, it is great to have Kutter Walters on-hand to provide advice on such matters and we highly recommend using their services.

Senior Case Worker, Legal Aid Agency

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for an extremely well prepared case plan, it is very detailed and providing sufficient information to assess as drafted.

I have found your service to be excellent, with quick turnaround of draft bills and budgets

Dean Wilson LLP
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