Privacy and Cookies Policy

Kutter Walters is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. As a Data Controller we are responsible for deciding how we hold and use personal information about you. This policy provides you with certain information that must be provided under the General Data Protection Regulations.

Personal data provided through the use of our services or via use of our website will be used only in accordance with our policy and we will take all steps required to ensure that this data is lawfully used and protected in accordance with Regulations in place. 
Should you have any queries regarding this policy, our representative to contact is Karen Kutter via email: or telephone: 01273 569650. 

How personal data may be obtained from you:
Data is obtained via voluntary provision from you to us. Whilst general consideration of the website is anonymous, it may be that you voluntarily input personal data into our Contact Page or via email/telephone/mail in order for us to assist with a request made by you. The type of data that may be collected are; name, email address, telephone number and any other information you provide. 
Information may also be obtained via our website by use of cookies or similar technologies. These are used to identify devices used to visit the website, in order to analyse content and improve our service. These do not give us access to any personal data about you.


Why we collect data from you:
Clients/Potential clients: Information is collated for the purpose of providing a Legal Costing service to you as advertised by us. We may also use this data to provide you with updates on the services we provide. 
Staff/Potential staff: Data is collected in order to assess whether we are able to offer you a role in the company which you have enquired about or applied for. Additional data collected from you will be data provided on application, including contents of a CV and/or cover letter, information provided in an interview and subsequent banking details for the purpose of payment. We may also use this data to provide you with updates on roles that may become available within the company.

How we protect your data:

We do not sell any of your data to third parties for any purpose. We share data only to business partners who assist the company to reasonably provide Legal Costing services, and to progress and expand the company in a reasonable manner. These businesses include couriers, IT service providers, accountants, search engine operators, marketing analytic companies and lawyers/regulators should the mandatory need arise.  
Your data provided to us is not shared out of the UK, save in relation to Google storage services (Drive) who utilise Privacy Shield to maintain protection of such data. Kutter Walters staff we utilise passwords and virus protection programmes to ensure that data stored online/locally is protected to the best of our ability. 

How long we store your data for:
Clients/Potential clients: We store data only for as long as is reasonably expected to ensure that our services can be provided to the standard expected. Where this exceeds 10 years, data will be deleted or reviewed to ensure the instruction is ongoing. You have the right to request that data be deleted at any point. Please contact Karen Kutter should you require this.
Staff/Potential staff: Data is stored for the duration of employment or work with the company and/or 6 months after this information is provided during the application process.  


Your rights:
In certain circumstances, you have a number of rights under Regulations with regards to the use of your personal data:
-    Right to access to a copy of the data we hold
-    Right to request a correction of the data we hold 
-    Right to request us to delete data held
-    Right to object to us processing data
-    Right to restrict processing of your data
-    Right to request transfer of data
-    Right to withdraw consent of use

If you do feel that these rights become relevant to you, please do not hesitate to contact Karen Kutter with regards to this. 

This Privacy Policy, last reviewed 25th October 2018, is reviewed annually.