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Karen Kutter, Director


Karen is a Costs Lawyer, with over 10 years of experience.  She previously trained and worked in civil and family law, focusing on the provision of Legal Aid and Access To Justice. She worked for a national costing firm for a number of years before setting up Kutter Walters.

She undertakes all types of civil bill drafting and is particularly interested in Solicitor/Client disputes and the case planning and budget management aspect of costs, both in Legal Aid and

Inter Partes matters.  
Karen was a tutor for the Association of Costs Lawyers for a number of years, enjoying teaching students all aspects of Costs Law for the degree level course. She also provides regular in-house training to 

firms to assist with their in-house costs procedures. 

Bridget Mulligan, Costs Draftsman


Bridget joined Kutter Walters in 2013, having previously worked as a case manager at the Legal Aid Agency for 12 years. She has considerable auditing and costs assessment experience and extensive knowledge of the Legal Aid rules and guidance, providing a rare skill set applicable to disputes and appeals against Legal Aid Agency decisions.  


Bridget prepares Court of Protection bills and undertakes all legal aid costing. She also prepares Legal Help claims for clients. 

Gill Clark, Costs Lawyer


Gill began her career in Legal Costs in 2002, working in-house and dealing with all types of costs documentation and processes. These included Legal Aid, Inter Partes, Court of Protection and Criminal costs.  She continued to progress her career, focusing on Legal Aid and becoming an accredited trainer under the Association of Costs Lawyers in 2012. She has a vast range of experience across Legal Aid costs, including Housing, Family and Judicial Review matters. She prepares High Costs Case documentation and can manage high levels of case loads. When recruited, she was described by a previous client as the ''best legal aid costs draftsman he has ever used

Megan Kutter, Consultant Costs Lawyer


Megan has worked with Kutter Walters since 2015, qualifying as a Costs Lawyer in 2018.  She specialises in all Civil Legal Aid Costs and private Court of Protection cases. 


Her knowledge of the Costs Assessment Guidance and Electronic Handbook, along with her expertise on CCMS, is invaluable to clients. There is never a tech question Megan can't answer and she is a life-saver for clients updating billing process and manoeuvring through CCMS and paperless systems. 


She has provided in-house training and has given seminars on various costs topics.  

Penelope Richards, Head of Marketing and          Office Manager


Penelope is Head of Marketing and Office Manager for Kutter Walters. She has over twenty years administrative experience, working with large corporate organisations in London before moving to Brighton. Penelope has worked in Marketing and PR and Event Management. She is incredibly organised and handles the day to day office administration, marketing and client liaison services.

Liz Walters, Director


Liz is a Costs Lawyer, having worked in costs since 2004. Prior to costs she worked in a Defendant civil practice and set up Kutter Walters, having worked for a national costing firm for a number of years.
She has significant experience in all areas of costs work and has conducted numerous Detailed Assessments and negotiations in inter partes matters. Liz handles complex legally aided cases and regularly liaises with the Legal Aid Agency to secure the best possible outcome for clients. The Legal Aid Agency has complimented Liz on the quality of her case plan documentation.
Liz is an Accredited Training provider with the Association of Costs Lawyers and has provided a number of seminars with regards to costs updates. She was also an external examiner for the Association of Costs Lawyers for a number of years.

Eve Sperring, Costs Draftsman and High Costs Events Scheme Coordinator 


Eve joined Kutter Walters in 2016. She has a Masters from Cambridge and a PhD from UCL. Having previously worked in various solicitor firms as a Practice Manager and Head of Billing. Eve developed her interest in costs law and has worked solely in costs for over 10 years. She has delivered legal costs and software training and has been involved in Legal Aid auditing procedures.   

She undertakes all types of Legal Aid costing work and has specialist knowledge in Legal Aid Court of Protection costs and Events High Costs Cases. She manages the company's updates and training on Events cases and is a fantastic negotiator with regards to the development of these schemes, always ensuring the best financial outcome for clients.  

Daniele Fameli, Trainee Costs Draftsman


Daniele joined Kutter Walters in 2019. He graduated in Law from the University of Sussex in the same year and holds a post-graduate Masters in Management from the John Cabot University and a Master’s degree in Political Science, obtained in Italy. During his experience as a student he developed a sound understanding of different areas of law, focusing his interests mainly towards civil law. Daniele is training in Family Legal Aid and Inter Partes costs at Kutter Walters.

Alison Speight, Consultant Costs Lawyer and Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator


Alison is a Costs Lawyer with over 25 years of experience. She handles a range of complex high value inter partes cases in a wide spectrum of legal specialisms. She holds the Rights of Audience in the Higher Civil Courts, having conducted advocacy in the Supreme Court and House of Lords, acting for both Claimants and Defendants.

Alison is also an Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator having qualified with the London School of Mediation. Where mediation is required for legal costs disputes, she is qualified to offer the process of Early Neutral Evaluation. Her extensive legal costs experience and in-depth knowledge of legal procedure have enabled her to gain vast experience in a wide variety of disputes. Her ability to rapidly get to grips with the issues and keep everyone focused on commercial reality, has enabled her to keep the parties engaged with her whilst forcing candid reality testing of their position. Her commitment to the mediation ensures that clients feel content at the end of the process that they have taken ownership of the settlement.

Areas of Expertise include:  Legal Costs Disputes; Public Law; Probate and Inheritance Disputes; Commercial disputes; Clinical Negligence; Personal Injury; RTA’s, Industrial Disease; Financial Disputes; Neighbour disputes; Workplace Disputes; Property/Boundary Disputes; Commercial Litigation; Landlord and Tenant Disputes.

Alison is a Member of CADR, Clerksroom and is regulated by the CLSB.

Chrissy Khan, Office Manager


Chrissy is the Office Manager for Kutter Walters. She has worked for small businesses in the North East before moving South and joining a large management consultancy. Chrissy handles the office administration, organising the incoming and outgoing of work to and from our clients, aiming for an efficient service whilst ensuring all data is managed correctly.  

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